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Pricing & Care of Our Bengals

Here is pricing on our Bengals and care information about our Bengals.

All kittens go home dewormed, the 3-1 Immunization shot is an option that we can do for extra $150.00 per kitten if you so choose, they will have to stay with us for 4 weeks longer: 3% Fee for Venmo payments (**Subject to Change). Kittens will be sent home with a 1 Yr Health Guarantee and with a bag of food for either transition or tie over. Kittens will be seen at Heart and Soul Vet in West Bend, WI prior to going to their furever home for a basic check up, if Vet has an open spot, or Decorah Animal Hospital in West Bend WI, Kittens will be given a take home kit. Kittens will receive a Pet Insurance Packet from Trupanion; good for 30 days after registration of Kitten. Registration must be completed within 24 hours of picking up your Bengal per Trupanion (Subject to Change due to Trupanion). Check out their   website:  Agreements/Contracts will be available to be reviewed and/or signed at reservation, deposit, or on scheduled pick up date.

Please message us on our Facebook for any questions.  


Wait list: There is no deposit to be on this list. It will help us keep track of who is interested, male or female kitten. This is so we can update you as Bengals come. 

Reservation: There will be a small deposit needed to hold your kitten order..

Appointments: We do not hold kittens for an appointment and without a reservation deposit. Appointment are only to check out Cattery, to view kitten, make selection, or visit your kitten. 

Click here to be added to the waitlist, questions, or contact: Contact

For quicker response please check out and message us on our Facebook page: 

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Brown Bengals -  $1,800.00

Snow, Charcoal, and Blue Bengals* $2,300.00

*Snow, Charcoal, Silver and Blue are rare availability for us. 

 $500 OFF ( is equal to $250 off per kitten) if you purchase 2 kittens at once they (MUST BE FROM SAME LITTER)! 

Durable and washable Cat Carrier $25.00 


3% Fee for Venmo payments

MUST contact to set up payment. 

**Subject to Change  

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Reservation Fee

There is a  $200 reservation fee when you choose your kitten! $400 reservation fee if 2 kittens chosen, and if 2 are available (Must be in same litter). MUST contact to set up payment. 

See Deposit Fee PDF for more information. 

Purchase Contract and one year Health Guarantee to be signed at pick up of kitten along with final Payment due. 

3% Fee for Venmo payments

**Subject to Change



$100.00 for TWO half hour scheduled visits to come and see your Bengal. This pertains to people who would like to visit before pick up and take home. If you are planning to schedule a visit, please print the Release of Liability, sign, and bring with you. 

See Release of Liability PDF:  

3% Fee for Venmo payments

**Subject to Change

We can keep you updated with videos and pictures. See our Facebook where we post about our Bengals/Kittens often! 

Bengal Care

Our Bengal care and getting ready for your Kitten! *Subject to change.

 See Kitten Care PDF:  

Cat and Kitten
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